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Marea Roja

Publicaciones y otros documentos de interés

01.    IOC Regional Science Planning Workshop on Harmful Algal Blooms
02.    Aquaculture in Southern America and ecological interaction phytoplankton
03.    Primary production and plankton dynamics in the Reloncaví Fjord and the Interior Sea of Chiloé, Northern Patagonia, Chile
04.    Obituario de Hans Brattström
05.    Distribucion vertical dinoflagelados fiordos chilenos
06.    Widespread Outbreak of a Haemolytic, Ichthyotoxic Gymnodinium sp. in Southern Chile
07.    Salmonicultura y Mareas Rojas
08.    Red Tides in Chilean Fjords (Clément y Guzmán)
09.    Effects on phytoplankton growth of dissolved substances produced by fish farming. Arzul et al 1996
10.    The impact of Salmon Farming in the Xth  region of Chile on the benthic compartment.  Piker et al 2002
11.    Phytoplankton Monitoring Program in the Fish Farming Region of the South of Chile.
12.    Water column conditions in a fjord subject to intense farming.pdf.
13.    Ecosystem approach and interactions of aquaculture (Clément, 2013).
14.    Manual de Bio-Optica y de Protocolos del Dinoflagelado Alexandrium catenella.